State Ministry of Environment & Forest Do Some Waste Management of Company Waste

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26 December, 2014
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Parmaksian, 20/11 – State Ministry of Environment and Forest (‘Kemeneg LH & Hut’) do some waste and data collecting, as guidelines for waste management especially for Pulp And Paper Company, which was used to prevent the negative impact and water and air issues.

Those things were said by The Head Of Infrastructure Manufacturing For State Ministry Of Environment And Forest, Dwiyono Yanuar Yusbawanto, SH, Msi, when he went to on site visit at PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk (TobaPulp) at Parmaksian, Tobasamosir district, Tuesday (18/11).

The Head of Infrastruture Manufacturing and Services for State Ministry of Environment and Forest, Dwiyono Yanuar Yusbawanto (Middle) and staff, David Aritonang (Second from the right) together with TobaPulp crew do some on site visit for data as the management and control of air and liquid waste.

According to him, eventhough TobaPulp had received Green Proper for 5 times in a row from ‘KLH’ because it was doing some waste management correctly and better than what it needed (beyond compliance), but it is still need to improve the quality system and pollution control. That things were also valid for other 4 company of pulp and paper at Sumatera.

The data and material collections at TobaPulp including the air emissions and liquid wastes so that the data which were collected could be calculated by the other pulp and paper company, as reference of State Ministry Of Environment And Forest for management environment guidelines.

“Yes, we are doing some data collection from four pulp and paper company at Sumatera, the used are for perform the guidelines of air and water management. The guidelines were also later become the reference to give good or bad mark for a company,” said Dwiyono along with The State Ministry Of Environment And Forest, David Aritonang.

The management of environment in order to overcome the environemt pollution can be done through company self – monitoring. Example the waste liquid management, the air emission management and the document of environment. But according to Dwiyono, the implementation

should be according to the present rules and regulations system. It were mean to improve the awareness and commitment of the company in order to overcome the environment impact.

Meanwhile, TobaPulp’s manager of environment, Jekson Sinurat, welcomed warmly the ‘KLHK’ discourse in order to arrange the air and water impact. Because according to him all this time, TobaPulp always work together and open to the management and utilization of company waste. This thing was proved by some awards from state government and local government by received green industry award continuously. Jekson together with Tagor Manik the senior Public Relation accompany Dwiyono and Aritonang during the visit.