PT Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk Concerned about Flash Flood Disaster in Samosir

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21 June, 2022
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PT Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk expresses its concern regarding the flash flood disaster that occurred in four villages (Siparmahan, Dolokraja, Hariarapohan, Sampurtoba) in the Harian Subdistrict, Samosir Regency. The Samosir flash flood occurred on Monday, 13/11/2023, around 19:30 WIB, accompanied by heavy rainfall.

As a manifestation of corporate concern, TPL, through its CD/CSR program, is contributing by providing support in the form of clean water and aid to the affected communities in the four villages.

The support provided by TPL to the community consists of 1.8 tons of rice, 200 kg of sugar, 200 boards of eggs, 16 boxes of tea powder, 1900 boxes of Indomie (instant noodles), 20 boxes of cooking oil, 500 kg of coffee, and three tank trucks with a capacity of 5 thousand liters each, as well as two tank trucks with a capacity of 16 thousand liters.

TPL Director, Jandres Silalahi, stated that to alleviate the burden experienced by the flood victims in Samosir, the company has distributed essential support, including food, beverages, and clean water, to the flood-affected areas.

“On behalf of the company, I express our condolences and understand the challenges faced by the communities in the four villages of the Harian Subdistrict. Currently, food, beverages, and clean water assistance have been distributed to the flood-affected residents,” said Jandres.

Samosir Flash Flood Not TPL’s Operational Impact

In another statement, Jandres explained that based on the data collected by the TPL team in the field, the Samosir flash flood was caused by several factors, including high rainfall for 12 hours, the condition of the flood catchment area (DTA), where 75% is non-forest land, resulting in low soil capacity to absorb water (interception).

Furthermore, the steep and very steep slope conditions (approximately 73%) of the land, along with the presence of mud and rocks at the riverbed, led to the blockage of the Sitio-tio river.

“After the flash flood incident, the company deployed a team to conduct field checks and analyses to determine the cause of the flash flood. The condition of the Sitio-tio river forming a temporary dam, eventually closing off and overflowing to the southeast, confirms that there is no influence or connection between TPL’s operations and the cause of this flood. The flow of water from the Siparmahan Sihotang flood DTA is eastward, directly into Lake Toba, while TPL’s DTA is southwest (Aek Silang) and northwest (Lau Renun). This means the flow directions of TPL’s concession area and the flood DTA are opposite, further supported by the absence of eucalyptus wood in the flood material,” explained Jandres.