TPL Wins Award for Compliance and Punctuality in Payment of PBB-P2 for Fiscal Year 2021

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9 May, 2022
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In the 2022 SPPT PBB-P2 Submission event held by the Toba Regency Government at the Regent’s Official House Hall on Monday, 30 May 2022, Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) won an award for Compliance and Timeliness in Payments for PBB-P2 for the 2021 Fiscal Year and an award for the Street Lighting Taxpayer with the Largest Tax Payment and Reporting/Timely Payment in 2021.

The award was given to TPL as one of the institutions registered with the Tax Service Office (KPP) for its contribution to complying with tax regulations that encourage the achievement of national development and in particular Toba Regency.

The Toba Regent, Poltak Sitorus, on this occasion also gave the 2022 PBB-P2 SPPT and a certificate of appreciation to the sub-district head who achieved a minimum of 80% tax payments in his area, followed by the village head and lurah who achieved 100% tax realization. As well as awards to a number of individual taxpayers, entrepreneurs, State-Owned Enterprises and Private-Owned Enterprises.

“I express my gratitude to the Toba people who have paid taxes on time and to the companies in Toba Regency and especially TPL who have paid taxes for 5 years at a time. Hopefully, with our compliance with paying taxes, we can create a more superior and shining Toba Regency,” said Poltak.

Representing TPL Management, Public Relations Manager, Jerry Tobing, (Thursday, 02/06/2022) positively welcomed the appreciation given to the company. He revealed, TPL always carries out its obligations by paying taxes on time for the development of Toba Regency. His party is committed to being a private company that contributes to society and plays an important role in the Indonesian economy and always obeys tax regulations as one of the important aspects that encourage national and district development.

“Thank you for the award, we are honored to be selected as one of the recipients of this award. For us, this award is proof that the company’s presence also makes a positive contribution to development and shows that TPL has good standards in fulfilling obligations to pay and report taxes,” said Jerry.

Parulian Siregar, Head of the Regional Revenue Agency for Toba Regency, also appreciated all parties who have complied with paying taxes, and felt very helped by the presence of private companies and entrepreneurs who received awards for timely tax payments.

“This award is not simply given, but it is a prestigious event that should not be taken lightly. I feel the impact of the company’s presence in the middle of Toba Regency, I thank TPL as one of the tax-abiding companies and the largest tax payment. I hope that TPL will be an example for other companies,” said Parulian.