Toba Pulp Lestari Quickly Responds to Fire in 2 Toba District Villages

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As a form of concern for the community, the Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) Fire Safety Team responded quickly to help the fire disaster that occurred in Lumban Gurning Village, Porsea District (Wednesday, 18th  May 2022) and in Lumban Lobu Village, Bonatua Lunasi District, Toba Regency (Saturday) , May 21 th   , 2022) ago.

The TPL Fire Safety Team swiftly dispatched a fire engine with a capacity of 5,000 litres to

extinguish the red rooster. The TPL Fire Safety Team accompanied by Public Relations Suarno Simatupang, Rudi Manurung, and Raja Fandoli Simamora arrived at the scene and participated in extinguishing the fire. In the fire accident, 1 house belonging to Tua Gurning (Lumban Gurning Village) and 1 empty house belonging to Marni Tambun (Lumban Lobu Village) were burned down, without any casualties.

Thursday, 02nd  June 2022, support by TPL for the victim, Tua Gurning, then continued by providing basic necessities in the form of 2 boards of Chicken Eggs, 1 board of Duck Eggs, 1 Box of Mineral Water, 1 Box of Instant Noodles, 1 Kg of Coffee Powder, Sugar 4 kg of sand, 3 boxes of tea powder, 4 kg of cooking oil and 50 kg of rice. Then followed by support for building materials in the form of 30 sheets of zinc, 15 sheets of plywood, 6 squares of zinc nails and 2,000 bricks.

Suarno Simatupang, also expressed his concern for the victims. The company is here to contribute to the community, especially those around the operational area. “Hopefully, with the support given, it can help ease the burden and comfort the victims who have been hit by this disaster. This support is a form of concern for the community around the company,” said Suarno.

Tua Gurning, one of the victims, appreciated the company’s good intentions and concern. Representing the victims, Tua thanked TPL for providing support to the people affected by the disaster.

“We didn’t want this fire to happen. We appreciate and thank the TPL firefighter team, if the fire trucks had not arrived quickly, there might have been more victims of this fire.”

“This support means a lot to us, for that we would like to thank TPL for being here to help us during this difficult time. We can use this support as soon as possible. We hope that the company can continue to progress and develop rapidly and have a positive impact on the community,” said Tua.

The Head of Porsea Sub-district, Robert Manurung accompanied by the Head of Lumban Gurning Village, Laksahui Gurning, on the same occasion also gave motivation and encouragement to the victims and appreciated the immediate assistance and support provided by the company.

“With this assistance, hopefully it can ease a little the burden of the fire victims  and be steadfast and strong in dealing with this disaster. We would like to express our gratitude to the company. will be more successful and continue to pay attention to the surrounding community,” concluded Robert.