Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) Aekraja Sector Really Supports Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Hepata

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As a tangible manifestation of and concern for the world of early childhood education, Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) through the Community Development (CD) program established 1 unit of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) building. The handover was held in Hamlet II, Aek Raja Village, Parmonangan District, North Tapanuli Regency on Wednesday, 08/06/2022.

In the handover of the PAUD Hepata building, the Head of Aek Raja Village, Ronal Manalu, was also present, expressing his gratitude for TPL’s concern for realizing the hopes of the Aek Raja village community to build a proper building for the learning process for PAUD children so that early childhood education can be handled optimally.

“We thank TPL, hopefully with the PAUD Hepata building in Aek Raja Village, it can improve the quality of education for children and increase the sense of comfort to gain knowledge and establish a good relationship between the people of Aek Raja Village and TPL,” said Ronal.

Toba Pulp Lestari built a PAUD Hepata building worth Rp. 117,700,000 which were given directly to the people of Aek Raja Village, represented by the Village Head. Public Relations of the Aek Raja sector, Jupri Sibue in his speech said early childhood education is a very basic and very strategic education in human development (human investment). Therefore, PAUD Hepata is here to answer the future needs of human resource development in Aek Raja Village.

“Hopefully with this new building it can increase educational values ​​and increase learning media for children in the aek raja sector, this building can produce generations who are capable and form valuable characters,” said Jupri

PAUD Hepata together with TPL is trying to build a PAUD building that is representative, comfortable, and equipped with adequate facilities. Effyani Pasaribu, one of the educators and the founder of PAUD HEPATA, said that PAUD Hepata has existed since 2017, the learning and teaching process takes place in small rooms and people’s homes, with good cooperation with the TPL so that this development can be realized properly.

“On behalf of PAUD Hepata we express our highest gratitude and appreciation to Toba Pulp Lestari who has assisted so that the Hepata PAUD Building can be established, this is our goal and hope so far, we feel very happy and proud to have this building and We hope that this TPL can be used properly and that TPL will also be more successful in the future, we also hope that with this new building the children will be more active in learning, “said Effyani.