PT. Toba Pulp Lestari Handed Over Six Infrastructure Projects in Toba Samosir and Tapanuli Utara Regency

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As the commitment to grow and sustain with the community, PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk. (TPL) handed over six community development’s infrastructure projects in several villages in two regencies, such as Toba Samosir (Tobasa) and South Tapanuli on the month of December 2017.

For the infrastructure of houses of worship, PT TPL handed over building materials to the HKBP Nagasaribu Church, in Nagasaribu village, Siborongborong Sub-district, Taput regency; assistance for the construction of a 27-meter-long retaining wall of the Catholic Church of St. Anthony in the village of Lumban Sitorus, Parmaksian Sub-district, Regency; and roof construction materials to the HKBP Maranatha Silamosik church in Silamosik II village , Bonatualunasi District, Tobasa Regency.

Meanwhile, for other infrastructure projects PT TPL handed over the construction of 350 m drainage systems in Pangombusan Village, Parmaksian Sub-district, Tobasa Regency; 120 units clean water pipelines in Pohan Jae Village, Siborongborong District, Taput Regency; and construction of retaining wall of SDN 173643 elementary school, in Pangombusan village, Parmaksian sub-district, Tobasa regency.