Eucalyptus Nurseries Center Monthly Capacity of 2 Million Seed
New Eucalyptus Plantation Age of 6 Months
Eucalyptus Trees Age of 6 Years Ready To Harvest
Factory Processing Raw Material Becoming Pulp
End of Factory Process, Pulp Ready Supplied

Community Growing Together

Consisting of 1,300 heads of household in the entire Tobasa. Already 600 members separated from the poor category. Farms and vegetable gardens become a mainstay. His footsteps shuffling.Despite stepped looks heavy, after all the man did not lose spirit visited every villager who become members of the Community Growing Together (KTB). When the CSR team PT Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL), visit, beginning last July, he proudly show KTB member activity.

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Ramian Gultom : Supporting Children's Education

  The sun did not dampen the activity of women. With head cover of cloth, her hands remain agile "play" water hose above a row of eucalyptus seedlings  . Apparently, after the lunch break, Ramian Gultom, the name of this woman, appeared to have more power in their duties. Ramian Gultom, 42 years, have a responsibility in the field of seed fertilization. Mother of three children, every day should keep the "health" in Complex Nursery seedlings PT Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL). "My husband just a driver whose income is not fixed," said Ramian.

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Mayang Manik : Waiting For Better Opportunity

   She was only 21 years old and smallish. Now at Vocational School (SMK) majoring in Electrical graduated  in 2010. "Once I graduated school directly to work here," said Mayang when met in the middle of busy packing seeds in the Nursery of PT Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL). Mayang task in TPL Nursery seedlings are packed ecalyptus which will be sent to the area of ​​the plant in various sectors. Indeed deviate between education and the type of work that is being acted Mayang. "I'm still waiting for job opportunities that fit with my education," said Mayang.

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Opung Morani boru Tambunan : Partnering Until Old

Her laugh patter. Her pace is still quite agile for his age women's sizes. His hands were still checking each tube deftly filled the planting medium. She was also friendly and likes joking. She is Opung Morani Boru Tambunan, 68 years old.

Each day, the mother of 8 children can be found in the complex Nursery, PT Toba Pulp Lestari. There, 22 grandchildren grandmother led about 20 workers were mostly women. Work part Opung Morani worked with her men, insert tube into the growing media.

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