Eucalyptus Nurseries Center Monthly Capacity of 2 Million Seed
New Eucalyptus Plantation Age of 6 Months
Eucalyptus Trees Age of 6 Years Ready To Harvest
Factory Processing Raw Material Becoming Pulp
End of Factory Process, Pulp Ready Supplied


Farmers, business cooperate to boost incense production

Farmers in Humbang Hasundutan regency, North Sumatra, are collaborating with PT Toba Pulp Lestari to plant incense trees, locally known as haminjon, in the industrial timber estate (HTI) in Parlilitan district.

The project was started with a haminjon clone nursery developed using the natural haminjon trees that grew in Habinsaran forest in Toba Samosir regency.

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Haminjon & Andaliman Enliven The Toba’s Geopark Caldera

Lumban Julu, 19/12 – The Haminjon (Batak Language : Kemenyan) and Andaliman participate to enliven the Toba National Geopark Caldera as world heritages. These two plants are part of vegetations that grow at Tapanuli, and become the source of communities living plant since a thousand years ago.

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The Haminjon Farmers Are Waiting For The Success Of Haminjon Cultivation

TELE – The farmers are waiting for the success of haminjon cultivation so that it can be fully accepted

It was signaled by one of haminjon farmer, Ama Santa Situmorang, 47, on Friday morning conversation, when asked about her opinion and also the farmers attitude generally – towards the haminjon cultivation inside or outsite the forest conservation and if can be planted at community land or field.

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Management Of Independent Environment

State Ministry Of Environment & Forest Do Some Waste Management Of Company Waste

Parmaksian, 20/11 – State Ministry of Environment and Forest (‘Kemeneg LH & Hut’) do some waste and data collecting, as guidelines for waste management especially for Pulp And Paper Company, which was used to prevent the negative impact and water and air issues.

Those things were said by The Head Of Infrastructure Manufacturing For State Ministry Of Environment And Forest, Dwiyono Yanuar Yusbawanto, SH, Msi, when he went to on site visit at PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk (TobaPulp) at Parmaksian, Tobasamosir district, Tuesday (18/11).

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Distribution of 250 Thousand of Paving Block for Public Facilities

In one month, more than 250 thousand of paving block have been distributed freely to support communities infrastructure and facilities, including for worship places yard, village road, and schools in some of Tobasamosir sub-district.

The distribution of paving block for free program have been done by PT. Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk (TobaPulp) since June 2012 ago. As company that get green industry title, TobaPulp have a strong commitment toward efficiency of sustainable resources.

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CFCD Team Rated Tobapulp’s ECD (Early Childhood Education) On Good Category

PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk (TobaPulp)'s Community Development program for Sasapa ECD (EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION) was assessed by CFCD team (Corporate Community Development Forum) which was rated into good category, as stage 2 of 2014 Indonesian CSR Award (ICA 2014).

This was said by Ir. Tumpal M.S. Simanjuntak, ICA appraisal committee on Friday 2014 (31/10), while he done some onsite assessment visit at Sasapa's ECD (Early Childhood Education) (early childhood education), at Dolok Nauli, Parmaksian sub district, Tobasamosir. Together with Eddy Mulyanto (Steering Comitee) and Fiza Sulaeman (2014 ICA Secretary Team), the team assessed that TobaPulp's education program could help to improve quality of education from community around the company.

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Monitor Tower Detect 20 Fires Earlier Since August

petugas pemantau api


HABINSARAN, Tobasa, 30/10 – the Monitor Tower at Habinsaran success to do some early detection toward 20 fires since August 2013, as today reports.

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The 2014 Green Industry Award : Tobapulp Commitment For Efficiency Of Sustainable Resource

penerimaan tropi industri hijau

Minister Of Industry from Indonesia United Cabinet during Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono reign, Mohamad S. Hidayat (left) gives green industry trophy to TobaPulp director, Juanda Panjaitan (right) recently at Jakarta.


Parmaksian – The 2014 Green Industry Award which was received by PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk from Indonesian Ministry of Industry recently, had given a strong encouragement to this pulp and paper company, to keep operate and maintaining the commitment to use the resources in a sustainable manner efficiently and effectively. With these commitments, hopefully it could harmonized the industrial development with environment preservation, also it could give benefits to the community.

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Piping The Mountain Spring End The Communities Water Crisis

parit saluran pipa

Marandus Sirait and the communities together fix the piping’s trench for communities needs.


LUMBANJULU, Tobasa, 17/10 – Piping the mountain spring from one of the Bukitbarisan foothills, at Lumbanjulu, Tobasamosir Regent, really ends 50 families or 100 people expectation to get clean water as the main factor to live normally and healthily, Thursday, October 16th.

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Tobapulp – Del Reach The Agreement

tobapulp del

DEL foundation and his entourage were briefed on the process which described about Eucalyptus nursery by TobaPulp researcher, Adventeris Hutagaol, accompanied by TobaPulp Director, Juanda Panjaitan.


PARMAKSIAN, 14/10 – TobaPulp, the pulp industry at Parkamsian, which started to be operated by using computerized, recently there are possibility of cooperation wih DEL, The Institute of Technology, which are based in Laguboti, both of them located at Tobasamosir district.

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